Culture & Core Values

Our Culture & Core Values

1. Our culture is love.

Love is our first core value because God is love. People see and experience the love of Jesus through us as His people.

2. We know God honors honor.

Honor is our second core value. We honor everybody! Honor has lost it’s place in our society and it’s up to us to bring it back! Honor the honorable and dishonorable alike.

3. We can make it better.

Excellence is our third core value. Excellence isn’t perfection it’s doing the best with what you have!

4. We have open hearts and open hands.

Generosity is our fourth core value. Generosity starts with the tithe. The tithe isn’t some legalistic rule we follow it’s a guide to giving. We believe you can’t out-give God!

5. We share life around Jesus.

Community is our fifth core value. We believe you can’t do life alone! Koinonia is the greek word for fellowship, true koinonia is a shared experience around Jesus. This happens in connect groups.

6. We believe there’s always one more.

Evangelism is our sixth core value. We believe that found people find people! We will always be reaching out to those who are far from God and helping lead them into growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

7. We establish and expand.

Discipleship is our seventh core value. We believe growing people change! We believe a disciple is a leaner under discipline. Also a disciple produces other disciples.

8. We are a piece in the mosaic.

Unity is our eighth core value. We believe in racial reconciliation and that doing church is going to be a small glimpse of heaven. Every nation and every tribe.

9. Our position is not in a title but a towel.

Serving is our ninth core value. We believe that saved people serve people! Like Jesus, we want to position ourselves as servants.